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Green Valley Ranch Homeowners Association Monthly Financial Statements

Monthly financial statements are provided on a monthly basis as interim information on the financial activities of the Association. The Balance Sheet and the Income Statement are reviewed by the Board of Directors monthly, and are un-audited.


20180131 Balance Sheet
20180131 Profit and Loss
20180228 Balance Sheet
20180228 Profit and Loss
20180331 BalanceSheet
20180331 Profit and Loss
20180430 Balance Sheet
20180430 Profit and Loss
20180531 Balance Sheet
20180531 Profit and Loss
20180630Balance Sheet
20180630 Profit and Loss
20180731 Balance Sheet
20180731 Profit and Loss
20180831 Balance Sheet
20180831 Profit and Loss
20180930 Balance Sheet
20180930 Profit and Loss
20181031 Balance Sheet
20181031 Profit and Loss

20170131 Balance Sheet.pdf
20170131 Profit and Loss.pdf
20170228 Balance Sheet.pdf
20170228 Profit and Loss.pdf
20170331 Balance Sheet.pdf
20170331 Profit and Loss.pdf
20170430 Balance Sheet.pdf
20170430 Profit and Loss.pdf
20170531 Balance Sheet.pdf
20170531 Profit and Loss.pdf
20170630 Balance Sheet
20170630 Profit and Loss
20170731 Balance Sheet
20170731 Profit and Loss
20170831 Balance Sheet
20170831 Profit and Loss
20170930 Balance Sheet
20170930 Profit and Loss
20171031 Balance Sheet
20171031 Profit and Loss
20171130 Balance Sheet
20171130 Profit and Loss
20171231 Balance Sheet
20171231 Profit and Loss

20160131 Balance Sheet.pdf
20160131 Profit and Loss.pdf
20160229 Balance Sheet.pdf
20160229 Profit and Loss.pdf
20160331 Balance Sheet.pdf
20160331 Profit and Loss.pdf
20160430 Balance Sheet.pdf
20160430 Profit and Loss.pdf
20160531 Balance Sheet.pdf
20160531 Profit and Loss.pdf
20160630 Balance Sheet.pdf
20160630 Profit and Loss.pdf
20160731 Balance Sheet.pdf
20160731 Profit and Loss.pdf
20160831 Balance Sheet.pdf
20160831 Profit and Loss.pdf
20160930 Balance Sheet.pdf
20160930 Profit and Loss.pdf
20161031 Balance Sheet.pdf
20161031 Profit and Loss.pdf
20161130 Balance Sheet.pdf
20161130 Profit and Loss.pdf
20161231 Balance Sheet.pdf
20161231 Profit and Loss


Current GVR HOA News

Board Meeting:
The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 25, 2019 at 6:00 pm
(Meeting dates subject to change.  Please check back often,)

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Office hours: 7:30am - 5:30pm

Phone:             303-307-3240
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Address:          18650 E. 45th Ave
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