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Welcome to the Master Homeowners Association
for Green Valley Ranch! 

 GVR Farmers Market

5PM - 7PM
Location GVR Rec Center 4890 Argonne Way
For more info email:


GVR Farmers Market starts at 5pm today. In addition to the FREE concert (Soul Sacrifice) that begins at 6pm, you can also checkout a variety of local vendors including farm fresh veggies, cheese curds, kettle corn, tamales, coffee, jewelry, baked goods, honey, goat cheese, eggs, jam, food trucks & more! 

  •         Bjorn’s Colorado Honey
  •         Colorado’s Best Tamales
  •         Cream City Market 
  •         Designs by ANG
  •         Dream Culture (nonprofit showcasing 4-6 youth businesses – new)
  •         Leon’s Hand Popped Popcorn
  •         Lipsense (new this season)
  •         Miller Farms
  •         Mollee’s Goodies
  •         Naked Goat Farm
  •         PK’s Dried Fruit/Baked Goods
  •         Redemption Road Coffee (new this season)
  •         Snowcones/Churros
  •   Something Styled (florist – new this season)
  •         Denver Public Library 

Board Positions Available

Please contact if you are interested in a position on the Board of Directors.

Interested in volunteering? We have several opportunities to get involved!

Committees & District Delegates: Click here for volunteer opportunities. Click here to fill out an interest form. Please send the interest form to info@gvrhoa or fax it to 303-307-3250.



Complaints: Complaints can be communicated to the Association via phone, e-mail or other written method. If the complaint is one that can be observed on a regular inspection, such as landscape maintenance, trash cans, etc, then the Inspector will follow up and take a picture to document the violation.

Complaints for things that cannot be documented with a picture, such as noise and animal behavior, MUST be submitted in writing, and cannot be done anonymously. Please note that the Association cannot guarantee confidentiality regarding this compliant. If the homeowner who receives the complaint submits a request in writing, the Association and the Metro District are legally obligated to release the information.


HOA Contact Information
HOA Office:  303-307-3240

Board Of Directors:

President:  Rose Thomas……......
Vice President:  Andy
Treasurer: Shelly
Director:  Shawna
Director:  Vacancy
Director:  Vacancy
Director:  Vacancy


The GVR HOA is set up in 26 districts and each district elects a Delegate. In order to be a delegate, you must be in good standing with the Association. The election process is outlined in the Association's governing documents. If you are interested in being a delegate and the Annual Meeting is not occuring soon, please contact 303-307-3240. 


The current District Delegates are: 

District 1William 
District 2Fronzo Gilkey303-307-3240 
District 3Eric 
District 4Mariann 
District 5Yvette 
District 9Fred Hales720-355-1393 
District 10Rose 
District 14Fenna Tanner303-307-3240  
District 16Toni  
District 21Stephanie 
District 24Reuben 


Last Update: July 19, 2017



Current GVR HOA News

Board Meeting:
The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 21st, 2017 at 6:00 pm
(Meeting dates subject to change.  Please check back often,)

2017 Association Calendar

Click HERE for the current calendar
*All meetings take place at 18650 E. 45th Ave., unless otherwise noted. 

HOA Contact Information:

Phone:             303-307-3240
Fax:                 303-307-3250
Address:          18650 E. 45th Ave
                        Denver, CO 80249

Do you need to respond to a violation?

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Far Northeast Area Plan Public Meeting
Thursday, June 22, 2017
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Evie Garret Dennis E-12 Campus Student Union
Please click here for more information



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